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Rot repair

Wood rot repair

Wood, especially if it's untreated, can easily start to rot once it comes in contact with moisture – and we have generally plenty of water coming down from the sky here in Auckland. Wood rot usually starts when water gets into cracks or when water penetrates a wood finish and can’t dry out.

Diagnosing wood rot

It's not difficult to diagnose wood rot. Test the wood by tapping it with a blunt knife. If it feels very soft or crumbles, it's rotted.

My customers often think that rotted wood in and around the house is beyond repair, but this is not always the case. However, don't leave it too long before your get wood rot repaired, these things usually don't improve over time.

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Call Banks Building and get a quote on repairing those rotted areas of wood on decks, architraves, doorway and window frames in your house.

DIY wood rot repair

The Banks Building blog will give you some tips on how to repair wood rot yourself.

However, if you feel a bit daunted by undertaking this project yourself, or if you have to deal with rot in structural parts of your house, please give Banks Building Maintenance a call to get a free quote on fixing any wood rot issues.

Tips to prevent wood rot

Last but not least, you'll also want to preserve your wood to prevent future damage. We at Banks Building Maintenance are happy to give you a hand with that, but there might be some things you could do yourself as well. Here are a few tips:

  • Use treated timber for decks and other outdoor structures. Never allow untreated lumber posts or lumber to rest directly on concrete.
  • Waterproof and seal any natural wood that might be exposed to moisture.
  • Regularly inspect your house for peeling paint or other paint failures, especially near joints. This is where water might start to seep in. Have a close look at window frames and window sills, wooden architraves and door frames. Repair rot as soon as it starts appearing to help prevent further damage.
  • Seal large cracks and gaps with a product like Selleys No More Gaps. If you are working on the outside of your house, make sure you use products which state that they are suitable for outdoor use. You might also want to check if they are paintable (for example, silicone is not paintable), otherwise the end result might look a bit shabby. If possible, use screws to close any open miter/corner joints.
  • Sand any bare wood and apply wood preservative before you apply a primer. Seal joints with No More Gaps after priming and before the top coating.

Call Banks Building - 09 620 2642

Banks Building can help you solve leak problems, and provides services including:

  • Investigation Reports for body corporates
  • Overview of possible solutions
  • Leak repair
  • Roof repair
  • Gutter and Flashing repair and replacement
  • Rot Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Applying membranes
  • Reinstatement of damaged linings and fitting

It is important that leaks are repaired as soon as problems become apparent. This will prevent further damage to your property, and will minimise additional repair costs.

Prevent further damage and call us for a free quote today.

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