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Plastering and Painting Auckland wide

Before you paint a room, you better make sure the walls are in good condition. Paint won’t hide any cracks or dips and dents; on the contrary, paint is far more likely to highlight any flaws.

Plaster walls usually have cracks due to the house "settling" in its foundation, or are damaged where furniture or doors have struck the plaster.


Gib Board wall repair

Fixing small cracks in a Gib Board wall is relatively easy. For large cracks which run through the entire Gib Board (so the board is basically cracked right through, this usually happens where boards are joined) a more extensive repair is required.

Often we'll take 2 visits to repair the Gib wall and paint the repair. After we repaired the Gib Board, the area needs to dry before we can apply paint.

Check out the Banks Building blog for some tips on how to repair Gib Board walls yourself.

Call Banks Building for Plastering and Painting

If the job is too large for you to fix, or you simply lack the time for a DIY project, please give Banks Building Maintenance a call to help you with your plastering and painting project.

 Our friendly team provides a comprehensive plaster and painting repair service.

No job too big or too small.

For interior and exterior surfaces.

We repair walls and joinery, plaster and paint.

One call will get the job done.