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House painting

House painting: DIY or leave it up to the professional?

Painting your house today is made easier with the wide range of easy to use DIY products and non toxic paints and repair compounds. Still elbow grease and know how is needed to complete any painting and decorating task.

Check out the Banks Building blog for tips on DIY for painting and decorating projects. Some jobs are better done by a professional, or maybe you lack the time or the projects looks a bit too daunting. No worries, call Banks Building for a free quote.

DIY tips on painting and decorating

The blog tackles tasks you'll come accross in the painting preparation fase, such as removing wallpaper, but also will give you tips on how to choose tools, painting over wallpaper, and how to paint windows.

Did you know that...

  • If you are game, you can often tackle laborious task of removing wallpaper y yourself and in most cases it will save you thousands of dollars. Check out the blog for some tips on wallpaper removal.
  • Window joinery will need more care with regards to painting. Your windows and window joinery attract moisture due to condensation, and due to the many angles and faces of the joinery, it  will be harder to achieve a great looking paint job. Check out some tips in the blog on painting windows.
  • Paint won’t hide any cracks or dips and dents; on the contrary, paint is far more likely to highlight any flaws. So before you paint a room, you better make sure the walls are in good condition. Check out the blog on how to repair cracks in walls lined with Gib board.

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If it looks a bit too daunting, give us a call at Banks Building for a free quote, as unfortunately there are no real short cuts to a proper painting and decorating job.

Our friendly team provides a comprehensive plaster and painting repair service, and we are recommended by our clients.

  • Interior and Exterior Timber
  • Block and steel
  • Flaking and waterlogged surfaces
  • Just need a quick 'tidy up'

We can provide a solution for all House Painting projects

No job too big or too small.

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We repair walls and joinery, plaster and paint.

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